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Des Plaines Honda is proud to offer their customers a number of different options to make sure that they are covered under any circumstance! Here is a brief overview of the programs we support.

Honda Care Extended Warranty Choose from between 1 to 4 years of extended warranty on your new Honda, or up to 2 years on your used Honda.

Honda Gap Protection If the circumstances requires that your unit be listed as a total loss by the insurance company, and you owe more than they are stating as the value, Gap Insurance covers that difference plus your deductible. Can be ideal in situations when you put little or no money down.

Credit, Life, and Disability If you are disabled and unable to work while making payments on your motorcycle, CL&D will make the payments for you. If you pass away while making payments on your motorcycle, CL&D will pay off the bike and pass the title to a beneficiary.

Tire & Wheel This insurance covers any road hazard damage that affects your tires and wheels. The coverage includes all parts and labour.

EtchingThis safety feature marks your bike in multiple spots to identify your bike if stolen.